A court judgment you cannot collect on?

Contact Jasco Recovery Services if you have a money judgment anywhere in the United States and you want an asset search performed.

Jasco Recovery Services has nearly twenty years experience providing professional judgment enforcement, skip tracing, asset research and pre-judgment collection services to clients including attorneys, contractors, dentists, doctors, landlords, oil companies and plumbers.

We are experts in the art of 'Skip Tracing'- which is rather like it sounds, the business of tracking down debtors, witnesses or former spouses who "skip" out on obligations- or they could be missing heirs to estates, or they just need to be found for some other legal reason.

We Give You A Fighting Chance To Collect

In this economic climate, Jasco gives the creditor, attorney, and landlord a fighting chance against the rising tide of legislation protecting debtors, tenants, and other "skipouts" from their obligations.

After prevailing in court, a plaintiff is likely to ask an important question. "Now what"? The answer may not be self evident. Most lawyers are good at getting judgments, but lousy at enforcing them. Remember, 80% of all judgments are never collected!! The fact is the judgment debtor is not suddenly going to call you and say, "I have some money for you, here it is". What they will do and plan on doing is never paying you.

Jasco has a nose for hidden assets. We are not a collection agency, but judgment recovery and skip tracing specialists, which enables us a wider and more creative range of legal remedies to recover judgment debts for you and or your business. We locate hidden assets through research, and seize them to satisfy judgments. Our company's fee is based on a percentage of what is actually collected, or a flat fee for information we provide to the creditor to enforce the judgments themselves.

There is a time limitation on collecting a judgment. If a claim is not properly acted on, it may expire. Please don't let the hard work you have already put into winning these judgments go to waste.

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